Last Class, Celebrate, get ready for Summer!

4 Jun

Class date: June 8


The Web offers many free resources for students to explore different careers, says Karen Rubican, a school counselor at Canon-McMillan High School in Canonsburg, PennsylvaniaO*Net Online, for example, offers information on hundreds of jobs and is sponsored by the federal government. 

She says the career should dictate a student’s next steps. Once a student knows what kind of education is required, the educational options become more apparent. 

If a student knows what career they have in mind, they should use this summer to explore and research postsecondary options, she says. 


Objective: Zack will present his shadow experience!!!, we will watch the “Hack College Admissions” video & celebrate our time together!

DUE TODAY: Rational Decision Model-College & Criteria with “choice” and freshman courses identified if you were to actually choose this college and major.

DUE TODAY: Pathways Review

Soda: Taylor & Julia (lemonade)

Cups & plates: Stephen

Chips: Doug & Mike

Napkins: Hyun

Pretzels: Amy

Cookies: Allison & Kyle

Guac & Chips: Julliane & Zach (chips)

Cupcakes or donuts: Julia

Queso: Ben


That’s why I chose Yale…hacking post-secondary admissions

3 Jun

Class date: June 4

Last class on Monday: Due Pathways Review.

Objectives: (1) Compare and share what you want in a post-secondary education, (2) examine your top three institutions further. What coursework will you have to take if you go there?

college grad rate

1. The college tour.

2. The admissions process…

3. Paying for school…

4. Research your top three post-secondary programs. What courses do students take to major in “your” major?

  • Go online and find out what courses students take.
  • Do you still want to be in this major? Why or why not?
  • Discussion to follow.

Planning for your future: Post-Secondary Education

1 Jun

Class date: June 2

Objective: Recognize the 5 gateways for post-secondary education, create a list of criteria and begin to design a transition plan that will work for your career objectives (as you understand them today) by identifying a few post-secondary institutions that will meet your criteria…to transition planning to be continued next Monday!


1. College majors and you-Does your Holland code align with what you think you want to do in your future?


Determining your Pathway

“What’s My Major?” Quiz

Analyze the results from your Pathway and your Quiz.

2. Pathways to Gateways

3. Getting Into College Part 1

4. Research: Rational Decision Model

  • Develop a set of criteria for the ideal post-secondary learning opportunity for you.
  • Identify post-secondary learning opportunities-include an option that is not like the others (Ex. 2 two year schools, 3 four year schools).
  • Determine which institutions would be “best.”

5. Analysis: Do these schools include your study of interest?

Final Payday!

29 May

Class date: May 29


Objective: Determine who has the highest net worth and analyzing what behaviors contributed to it.



1. Course review.

2. Payday activities (including final auction).

3. Calculating your net worth.

4. Reflection.

5. Awards ceremony!

UNDERCLASS PERSONS: Post-secondary research next week.

SENIORS: Good luck with your finals.

Pathways Review

26 May

Class date: May 27

Objective: Reflect on all things Pathways.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read this post carefully. Answer all questions. Update what you have. Write carefully. Have ready to hand in on Friday.

Deliverables: PathwaysReview2015



1. Our first unit was called “Who Am I?” You asked yourself this question in many ways beginning with defining yourself with a resume.

  • Look at your resume (should be in your network folder). Update, reflecting your experiences–new jobs, volunteering, service to school, etc. Print to hand in next class.
  • You took an interest survey and a skill survey. One more survey before you go: Myers-Briggs. This considers preferences as you reveal your personality. Go to: Myers-Briggs link and take the survey.
  • Print the four letter code, go to Google and query that code. Print the result, read and highlight or underline what you think says “Yes, that’s me!” Save for your folder.



2. In the next unit we considered “What Do I Want?”



3. Our third unit was called “How do I Get It?”

  • This is where we began networking, interviewing, shadowing, etc. to learn how others have achieved their dreams.
  • Which Mystery guest meant the most to you and why? 
  • We went to Flip-n-Shakes to meet the owners and learn, first hand, about how entrepreneurs think. What surprised you about people who take risks to start a business?
  • You shadowed a person of your choice. To do so you learned how to set a goal, work a time line, develop your own informational questioning based on what you wanted to learn, network, make cold calls, follow-up, etc.
  • Write a paragraph explaining “How you will Get It” based on what all your research this semester has taught you about planning for your future.



4. Our fourth unit that threaded throughout our semester via our Classroom Economy is “Your Personal Finance Primer.”

  • We will wrap this learning up on Friday. Think about your behavior and about your classmates behavior this semester as it relates to money. Who do you think will come out with the highest net worth? Lowest? Why?


college bound

5. Our last unit will begin on Tuesday. Identifying post-secondary opportunities that might work for your future goals.

  • Senior’s, your ship has sailed. Be prepared to share with the underclasspersons how you “shopped” for your next step in your career on Friday.
  • Underclassperson’s, there is so much for you to look forward to. We will scratch the surface next week concerning next steps after high school.

Final Presentations: Freshmen

22 May

Class date: May 22

Objective: Presenters analyze their shadow day experience using their interests, skills and derived demand as criteria for analysis.


Presenters: Kyle, Zach, Ben, Taylor, Julia

Happy Memorial Day!

Final Presentations: Juniors & Sophomores

18 May

Class date: May 20

Objective: Presenters analyze their shadow day experience using their interests, skills and derived demand as criteria for analysis.


Juniors present shadow day experiences: Julia, Julianne, Allison, Amy, Stephen, Jason, Hyun

Sophomores present shadow day experiences: Taylor, Doug, Mike